Supplier Matching

The Hikingic Supplier Matching is an initiative of the Hikingic program, seeking to highlight and expand China’s robust supply chain, increasing buyer-to-supplier activity.

Hikingic Supplier Matching creates value for overseas businesses who want the advantages of sourcing from China local suppliers: accessibility, short lead-times, shared networks, and trusted quality. It creates value for suppliers looking for new business opportunities and it creates value for the economy in the China and making our suppliers and buyers more competitive.

What we can do for you

  • Through our network of offices around China and overseas , we can support your trade needs in multiple demand for suitable suppliers.

  • Our solutions incorporate features that have been developed using our 58 years of experience in international trade and have accumulated many rich suppliers databases, All informations are free to help buyers choose suitable suppliers.

  • Our trade experts provide international expertise that you can access locally .

  • Provide purchasing agent service and logistics service.